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Commission info

Make your OC stand out from the crowd and complete their look with a custom make-up ♡Make-ups for vanilla faces and sculpts are both ok!Please contact me beforehand to discuss what you would like and to ensure I can meet your needs.

How do commissions work?The process for commissions is roughly as follows:♡ I will ask for a reference picture or a description of what you would like (please note that if you want something specific I will require a picture)
♡ I will need to know if you are using a sculpt and which one, what race, clan, and face you use
♡ If I am able to do what you would like, I will ask you to read my ToS and if you are happy with these I will ask you to request a commission via my Ko-Fi
♡ I will start your commission as soon as I can and I will keep you up to date throughout
♡ I will send you WIP's and ask you to test them to make sure placement of things such as eyeliner etc are good for you
♡ Once you are happy with the final make-up, I will package it as a ttmp2 file along with the png and a receipt
If you have any questions about the process please reach out to me!

Terms of service

♡ Please contact me on Discord to discuss commissions before payment♡ Payment is via Ko-Fi (or Paypal if agreed) and is required upfront♡ Commissions will take approximately 3-5 days to complete depending on complexity♡ I will keep you up to date on commission progress via Discord♡ After completion, I will make up to 3 adjustments for makeup, after this you will need to request another commission♡ Once a commission has been completed no refunds will be provided, however if in the event that I cannot complete the commission I will provide a full refund♡ For poses and free release make-up personal edits are ok but please do not edit and claim as your own♡ For commissioned make-up please ask for permission to share (with close friends) but do not edit and claim as your own♡ I reserve the right to refuse any commission


♡ Discord: bonefox_♡ Please bear in mind I am in the UK so there may be a time zone difference - I will always reply as soon as I can!♡ Please visit and follow my Ko-Fi to keep up to date with my latest releases, WIP's, version updates and other good stuff! ♡♡ Join The Coven Discord to be notified right away about new releases and grab server exclusives!♡ You can also find my releases here:XIV Mod Archive
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